Protecting your content at every stage


Simplicity is everything. That is why our team places an emphasis on being open, honest and transparent about the processes undertaken to keep content and intellectual-property protected. Prefacing assessment, or remediation activities, our team will either act as your Assessor for the MPA-TPN assessment or provide Assessment Readiness/Remediation assistance, but never both, to ensure compliance with general auditing standards. As part of our project management methodology, we engage in a Kickoff Meeting with our clients to review our requests for information, pinpoint areas of concern, roles & responsibilities, milestones & target dates, and client-by-client specifics.


Our process is completely tailored to you, the client. Your specific needs, objectives, and schedules, are first and foremost, we are adaptive to fit to what works best for you.


Assessment. This is done two ways: "Remote" and "Onsite". The remote assessment involves an organizational characterization, policies & procedure review, and network diagram and process flow definition, along with the completion of the MPA-TPN digital questionnaire. The onsite assessment centers around validation and a review of the completed questionnaire as well as a more in-depth physical review.


Analysis. First and foremost, we are a data-driven company. A concise review of all results is conducted to provide remediation guidance to address gaps identified based on the MPA-TPN framework. The process is forward-thinking in terms of the assessment, and provides all clients a concise, thoughtful draft report covering relevant results, pinpointing troublespots, and collaborating with you to find effective & efficient solutions. Once the report is finalized, it will be submitted to the MPA-TPN team for review, clearance, and potential certification.


Action. Remeditation is an integral aspect of the MPA-TPN certification process. When engaged in a readiness assist or remediation engagement, we dedicate a substantial amount of our time collaborating with our clients. By understanding the organization, its content, their client relationships, and any prior MPA-TPN reports coupled with a forward looking strategy based on our indepth knowledge of the MPA-TPN Content Security Best Practices Common Guidelines - Applications and Cloud framework, we can assist in the creation and execution of a prioritized remediation roadmap at a pace that suits the client.