As MPA-TPN certified assessors, we engage with our clients to provide a review of the type of content they handle, security controls in place to protect their clients data, and address any other sensitive content that may require protection, whether it be during pre-production, physical production, post-production, marketing or distribution. The purpose is simplify the assessment and remediation process by providing the client an understanding of the content security expectations and current industry best practices based on the MPA's Content Security Best Practices Common Guidelines - Applications and Cloud framework while measuring compliance to those standards at a point in time assessment..




For over three decades, the Entertainment Industry has relied upon the Motion Picture Association (MPA) to manage content security assessments on behalf of its members. While the MPA has helped to protect sensitive material and content, their guidelines are complex, intricate, and can be overwhelming. The Cyber Security, LLC team has more than two decades of cybersecurity experience in entertainment and are focused on assessing, analyzing, and providing simplified and actionable strategies for a plethora of cyber issues.

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